Our Specialty Honeys and Bee Pollen:
(All of our Honey products are Pure and Raw)

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Sourwood HONEY   Cotton HONEY   Sourwood Honeycomb   Bee Pollen  

Why choose LEE'S BEES products?

1. Quality Control
All of my honey is produced in North Carolina under my supervision/management. I am the producer and the distributor, unlike most beekeepers who wholesale their honey to packers. Each kind of honey possesses a distinct taste and aroma characteristic of the flower type. I preserve these qualities through careful management and processing techniques. I prevent the queen from entering the honey storage combs by confining her to the lower portion of the hive. This allows me to harvest honey free from eggs and larva, which would otherwise be mixed in with the honey. After harvesting these honeycombs, the honey is spun out in a centrifuge, filtered through cheesecloth or nylon hose at ambient temperature, and then directly bottled to give "Raw" honey. Most grocery store honey is filtered through several inches of diatomaceous earth under heat (>150 degrees) and pressure, which removes or destroys many of the delicate nutrients in the honey before it is even bottled.

2. Superior Processing Facilities
My honey processing facilities meet FDA guidelines and have been inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. When choosing a honey to buy you need to know that it has been handled in a clean, safe environment.

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed
All of my honey is directly from the bee to you. Nothing is added or removed. If you are not satisfied with the product, I will gladly exchange it or refund your purchase price.


Where can I buy your honey and/or pollen?
  • You can buy our honey/pollen directly from our Mebane location. If you wish to visit us, please call or email Hye-Sook Lee (see Contact Us).
  • We also deliver our products to the following organic food stores or shops:
    • Foust Corner Market (Mebane, NC)
    • Weaver Street Market (Hillsborough and Carrboro, NC)
    • Bailey Bee Supply (Hillsborough and Raleigh, NC)
    • Tin Roof Teas (Raleigh, NC)
    • Whole Foods (Chapel Hill and Cary, NC ~ pollen only)
    • MacKey's Ferry Peanuts & Gifts (Jamesville, NC)
My clear honey gone cloudy, did it spoil?
  • Crystallization isn’t an indication that the honey has gone bad.
  • Honey that contains more glucose than fructose will eventually crystallize.
  • Placing these jars in warm water for several minutes will safely return the solid to a liquid form. Honey will not spoil as long as the jar is sealed.
  • Read more: Crystallization of Honey
What are the health benefits of eating the bee pollen?
  • Bee pollen consists of pollen from a variety of plant species mixed with plant nectar and saliva from worker bees.
  • Bee pollen is the food of the young bee and it is approximately 40% protein. It is considered one of nature's most completely nourishing foods.
  • Bee pollen is consumed to boost energy, aid digestion and to help reduce the symptoms of hay-fever caused by air-born allergens.
  • Bee pollen also contains propolis, a resin from plants that retards the growth of fungi, bacteria and viruses.
What is the honeycomb and can I eat it?
  • The comb itself is made of beeswax. It holds honey.
  • The comb is totally safe to eat.
I opened a jar of your honey and there is white stuff at the top. What gives?
  • Since our honey is raw and unfiltered, what you're seeing is some of the natural wax and air bubbles that are in the honey and have separated and risen to the top.
  • It is perfectly fine to eat.


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