What is pollination?

The process by which plant pollen is transferred from the male reproductive organ (anther) to the female reproductive organ (stigma) to form seeds.

Why are honey bees vital?
  • 130 agricultural plants are pollinated by honey bees
  • Honey bees increase crop yields by an annual value of 15+ billion dollars
  • A wide variety of wild flowers are pollinated helping to feed animals
  • Farmers must rent honey bees due to the decimation of the wild bee population and the trend towards larger farm acreages
Preparing for pollination?
  • Farmers should contact beekeepers ahead of time before the pollination season.
  • Communication and mutual agreement between beekeepers and farmers are the key to avoid any misunderstandings.
Pollination Services by Lee's Bees
  • Almonds – February, March
  • High Bush Blueberries – March, April
  • Low Bush Blueberries – May
  • Cucumbers and pumpkins – June, July, August


Do you need a Professional Bee Pollination Service?

If you are a hobby farmer, hire a hobby beekeeper. If your livelihood depends on farming, hire a professional beekeeper. There are many inexperienced/fast talking beekeepers out there. Do not be deceived and have a poor crop or total crop failure ! Our entire income comes from our honey bees. We do everything possible to keep them strong and healthy. We offer professional bee pollination services to serious Farmers.
Honey Bee Pollination Services are available from February through September.

Schedule your pollination service for this season!

Jeffrey Lee at (919)-949-6140 or Send an Email

  almond pollination
Jeff at Almond Pollination in CA

** We do not keep our bees where pesticides and other chemicals will be used on the crops that could harm and kill our bees.



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